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  • 505 Felting

  • B2826 Fashion Master Steam Station

  • Elna 3210J


    Denim is a girl’s best friend. A faithful companion for every age and every situation. 
    Originally designed as a hard-wearing cloth for workers and sailors, denim (short for “Serge de Nîmes”) found cult popularity in the USA in the second half of the 19th century with gold diggers and cowboys. Today it’s a mainstay of wardrobes across the world. With the Elna 3210, take denim and shape it into something really special. 
    The Elna 3210, like denim itself, is tough, reliable and easy to use, and built to work with even the heaviest materials. 
    Because people love to marry denim and frills, the Elna 3210 is also kind with delicate fabrics too. Whether it’s total denim or tiny denim details, here’s a fabric you can use wherever you want. Giving you the upper hand! 
    Whether you’re a trendy western girl or a hip romantic, for your accessories or for your ornaments. Stone-washed, rough, eco or ethical…. Always incredibly modern!!!! 

  • Elna 7100


    7100 Professional


    The elna 7100 Professional sews a straight stitch at 1600 s.p.m (stitches per minute), the fastest by far.  This Sewing and Quilting Machine is built to offer high quality, precise and even stitches at professional speeds.  So quiet, so smartly designed, it has the performance of an industrial machine but is as easy to use as a household model.  Whether it is used for quilting or a range of other straight sewing tasks, this elna gives professional results.

  • Elna 9600 “Haute Couture”

    58-elna_9600 (1)

    Truly inspirational ! 

    Time to raise the curtain on Elna's Haute Couture, the new muse of fashion. Awaken the fashionista inside you with this jewel of technology. An avant-garde wonder to turn dressmaking preconceptions upside down.

    Elna's Haute Couture is the only compact machine with the talent to quilt and embroider as well as sew. A kind-hearted, easy-to-use little gem, with just one ambition : to bring your talents to the fore.

    The Haute Couture aspires to perfection. With a special allure, and a side-order of audacity and style, it gives you the luxury and freedom to create your own range of madeto-measure clothes and accessories – with no need for a flurry of assistants. Unrivalled sewing functions give you perfect control over a huge range of fabrics, with those little fashion details that make all the difference. You'll be seduced by the impeccable quality of the embroidery options, delivering fi nishes worthy of the fi ne traditions of the great fashion houses. And - thanks to a new assisted quilting system – Elna's Haute Couture also lets you harness the art of quilting to design sumptuous evening dresses, sophisticated stoles, and exuberantly elegant bustiers.

    Now it's your turn in the spotlight.

  • Elna Lotus1


    Radically different.


    To discover our new concept sewing machine, please visit our new elna Lotus website: and join the Lotus spirit!

  • elnaPress 320

  • elnaPress 520

  • elnaPress 720

  • elnaStar

  • eXcellence 680

    680 (Custom)
  • eXcellence 760

    98-760_excellence_3-4_open_50pc (1)

    eXcellence 730 and eXcellence 760: our two new models with 9 mm sewing width. 

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