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Digitizer EXjr V5

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Product Description

Create without any limit!

 With the new Digitizer V5.0, discover new features which allow you to go further your creations! You will access to innovative embroidery textures with surprising effects.

Discover the main features of the new Digitizer EX V5.0:

  • Possibility to work without “dongle” – USB key access – which was required with former versions of Digitizer.
  • New and full complete work interface, easy-to-use with large and clear icons.
  • Possibility to work in graphic mode with included COREL Draw Essential X6 software.
  • 3D satin stitches new feature, to create a 3D effect with multiple layers of satin stitches.
  • “Cutwork” option is the perfect tool to combine cutting work among embroidery stitches.
  • “Stump work” option is ideal to create 3D embroidery designs.

Modern and easy-to-use work interface

The new work interface is intuitive and practical. For more comfort and usability, the “Tool bar” combines all key features in one area. 

Modern Interface

Guiding lines

Create guiding lines on your workspace to align, place and rotate easily different elements of your embroidery design.  

Guiding lines

Customize your embroidery designs with new Digitizer’s tools

“Alternate colours”

This is the perfect tool to modify all colours of your design in one click while staying in your colour range. By selecting this tool, you can quickly alternate colours and get a preview from different versions of your design. 

Alternate colours

 ”Colours wheel”

This tool allows you to change density, intensity, and brightness of your design’s colours. It is also the ideal tool to create monochromatic designs. 

Colours wheel

Embroidery preview feature

The “Background and display colour” option gives you the possibility to choose fabrics and colours used for your project. It offers a realistic preview of how your embroidery will be placed on a selected garment. You will enjoy the realistic preview of the final result.

Thanks to the new Digitizer’s library, you will be able to select colour, fabric and garment for men, women or children you want to work on. The software will automatically adjust your design to fit perfectly with the selected model. 

Embroidery preview

Lettering and Monogramming

The new and user-friendly “Lettering and Monogramming” tool contains 9 new fonts styles. Four of them are offering a 3D aspect that will provide an amazing effect to your text! 


For a greatest precision, the new Digitizer allows you to break text in words or letters, so that you can modify only one section of your text without touching the rest of your embroidery design. 


“Edit” features

Users will be delighted with the “Edit” features that allow to modify embroidery designs according to their needs. One of them is the useful “copy and paste” function. Simply select this tool to duplicate quickly a specific style or effect, and paste it on several elements. 

Edit feature

New attractive effects

“3D Effect”

Enlarge your possibilities with the “3D Effect” option by creating incredible embroidery designs in 3 dimensions. Add this new effect in just one click and lend volume and depth to your creations!

New “Ripple fill Effect” 

Ripple effect

Enjoy the new “Ripple fill Effect” and make your embroidery projects always more attractive. 

Ripple effect

Colours blending

Be inspired by using the colours blending option. Select your threads colours and their density to create surprising blended effects. 

Colours blending

Carving stamp

Use the built-in stamps to give a stunning embossed effect to your embroidery designs! 

Carving stamp

Calligraphy Effect

By using satin stitches, you will be able to create a 3-dimensional calligraphy effect. 

Calligraphy effect

New buttonholes

Enhance your creativity and add buttonholes to your embroidery design. 

New button holes

“Cutwork” features

The “Cutwork” feature gives you the opportunity to create cutwork patterns for Home decor or for garments. This function is very much appreciated to cut patterns in multiple layers of fabric at once! 

Cutwork features

“Stump work” feature

The “Stump work” feature is a new embroidery technic included with the new Digitizer EX V.5.0.

With this tool, you can create a 3-dimensional embroidery project for a surprising effect. You will be able to get a preview of all elements of your creation in only one window box. Create raised or sculpted designs using free-standing embroidery and wire. 

Stump work feature

And more…

Digitizer EX Junior V5.0 contains also great features that allow you to easily create your own unique designs. Give free rein to your creativity and discover your designing talents while becoming more and more familiar with your Digitizer software! 

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