The Main Sewing Center - Exchange/Refund Policy

The elna exchange/refund policy for sundry/accessory/parts/habby/other, applies as follows:

Elna will EXCHANGE item purchased, subject to each of the following conditions.
1. Original sales docket must accompany the returned goods.
2. Valid only to the original purchaser. Cannot negotiate with unauthorised third parties.
3. The packaging must NOT be damaged or opened.
4. The products returned must not be damaged or used or incomplete.
5. The item and the packaging must be in a sellable and undamaged, unmarked
6. The product has a manufacturer’s fault and was therefore faulty or incomplete on the
date of sale.
7. Exchange policy is valid for a period of 14 days after date of purchase.
Or elna will REFUND, if agreed, subject to applying conditions 1. to 7. as above and also
conditions 8. To 9. as below.
8. Refunds are subject to a restocking fee of 15%.
9. Refunds must be made by the same method as payment for purchase.
PRODUCTS NOT EXCHANGED OR REFUNDED include, but not limited to;
Loose balls knitting yarn or with wrapper missing.
Embroidery and sewing thread
Machine needles, light globes
Scissors and rotary cutters, blades
Sewing machine oil
Circuit boards and screens
Machine software programs
Magic vac bags/rolls/canisters.
Products without original sales docket
Parts for machines supplied to “technicians” not registered with elna.
Products damaged as result of incorrect or excessive use or accident.
Product returned after 14 days from purchase date.
Products sold at reduced to clear price.
Products purchased from another branch/dealer/business
Products specially ordered for customer including (copied) instruction books, parts from
The above exchange/refund policy does not replace your rights under the consumer
protection act.

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