Dress Form 150

This is an adjustable dress maker’s form by Elna. The dress form in bright red has an 8 part body and has 13 adjustment dials to ensure an easy to use, durable companion, suitable for designers and dressmakers. It is the ideal dress form for beginners and Haute Couture.

  1. The easy adjustment dials fine tune the form to the desired size and shape quickly and accurately.
  2. The 4 leg sturdy base keeps the dress form firmly on the floor.
  3. The torso is covered with 100% raised loop nylon cover laminated over foam for easy pinning and is made to last for years.

This adjustable mannequin makes changing the width and height easy and so allows you to make alterations and adjustments to your garments. You can pin your designs in place on the foam-backed nylon cover. The lightweight stand with measurements features a sturdy 4-pronged leg for support and stability and the torso can be rotated a full 360 degrees. Create professional seamstress quality results with the dress form by Elna.


  1. 1 x adjustable dial for neck
  2. 4 x adjustable dials for bust
  3. 4 x adjustable dials for waist
  4. 4 x adjustable for hip
  5. 1 x adjustable grip for torso length
  6. 1 x adjustable grip-ring for height
  7. 1 x adjustable vertical and horizontal pin skirt market rotates 360 degrees
  8. 16 x adjustable features in this most versatile dress form

SIZE 150 XS – M

  1. BUST: 84 – 102cm
  2. WAIST: 64 – 81cm
  3. HIP: 86 – 103cm

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