Magicvac Accessories (Containers and Accessories)

The vacuum packing system for the home.


  • Robust pump, adjustable vacuum value up to (60cm/Hg) – 0.8 bar
  • Automatic and multi-function adjustable sealing and vacuum time
  • Man Seal feature, the possibility of hand sealing for fragile foods
  • Man Vac  feature, for maximum air removal
  • Roll holder housing for bags up to 6m long
  • Two-way bag out
  • Vacuum chamber with “patented” liquid stop tray
  • Professional sealing bar with heat disperser
  • Anti-impurities filter to protect pump suction
  • Cable compartment
  • Sealing bar: 30cm


Power Supply: 230V ~ 50Hz
Nominal Pump Flowrate: 13 1/min
Vacuum Pump Value: (70cm/Hg) -0.90 bar


  • Bag roll 30 x 600cm
  • 20 pre-cut bags 20 x 30cm
  • Accessory connection tube
  • Machine holder
  • Lid lever for glass containers
  • Instruction manual
  • Vacuum packed food storage guide

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